Feeling the Burn

It happens. If it’s happened to you, you haven’t forgotten about it. And it happens to 10% of women each year. It burns. It creates pressure. It may create a fever or lower back pain. It’s a bladder infection, or lower UTI infection.

Most UTIs are bacterial, but some are viral or fungal. Some are caused by too much fun (a common nickname is Honeymoon Cystitis), but women in menopause are increasingly vulnerable, as well.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, diet can also play a part. A bladder infection is an excess of lower damp-heat, which creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Drinking too much alcohol, or drinking too many foods that are, by nature, hot and fatty with sweet and pungent flavors, can create a downward flow of damp-heat, which gets stuck and grows the bacteria that causes the infection.

Western medicine leans towards antibiotics for treating UTIs. They can clear up the infection, but also clear the digestive tract of healthy bacteria, so it’s good to add yogurt and other probiotics to your diet if on antibiotics. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are also highly effective at treating these infections.

How do you avoid a UTI? Drink plenty of water. Eat plenty of fiber. Always clean up and have a pee after sex. Change positions during sex. Wipe from front to back. Have plenty of Vitamin C in your diet. Embrace the cranberry! And don’t hold it in. If you have to tinkle, don’t let your husband talk you into waiting another 100 miles in the car before finding a rest stop. And avoid excessive amounts of alcohol and fatty, sweet, pungent foods.

You only get one body – take care of it, and it will take care of you. When you need some help on that, give us a call! 615-939-2787.

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