Being Angry is Irritating! Acupuncture Can Release Stagnant and Blocked Emotional Energy


Angry? Frustrated? Anxious or depressed? And the mood doesn’t seem to lift…?

There is no doubt that Chinese medicine has developed something of a reputation for dealing with emotional issues. Over the last decade the use of acupuncture for problems like anxiety and depression has been researched with encouraging results. Anger is an automatic emotional response to behaviors that a person cannot tolerate. A person’s anger when uncontrollable can be dangerous not only to himself, but also to the people around that person. Anger will result in damaging of relationships; a person’s judging capability, and many more things .

Chinese wisdom is that we house each of the emotions equally, and respond appropriately to all the changes of life, pleasant or otherwise. If our overall balance is out of alignment, then we exhibit inappropriate reactions which are diagnostically significant. To be angry a great deal of the time could well…

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