When is being messy better for your health?

When do you make your bed, and how does it put your health at risk?
1) Never
2) When company comes over
3) As soon as I wake up

If your answer is 3, you could be inviting trouble. Dust mites feed off of human skin and can only live in humid places. It’s natural to perspire some in the night, which leaves some dampness in the sheets and on the mattress if you don’t have a protective cover. If you wait at least 30 minutes before making your bed, the fibers should have enough time to dry. Dust mites can’t survive in cool, dry areas, but they can flourish in warm, humid spaces. Up to 20 million Americans are affected by dust mites every year with symptoms ranging from itchy, watery eyes to irritated bumps on the skin. Waiting to make the bed is, actually, an instance when being a little messy is better for your health.

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