The Dish on Dates and Figs

The Dish on Dates and Figs

Baking with dates has been a holiday tradition in my family for generations. Dates and dried figs are easy to find in the grocery store this time of year, and are delicious and full of health benefits whether you snack on them alone or incorporated into another dish. They support immune health, circulation, restful sleep, and much more.

Both figs and dates are loaded with fiber, which few Americans have enough of in our diets. Calcium, potassium, folate, zinc, and iron are also found in these fruits. They also contain vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin K.

Devils on Horseback, or dates wrapped in bacon, is a delicious indulgence. For delish treat with a little less of a caloric punch, try uncooked prosciutto instead. On an appetizer OR dessert tray at a holiday party, you can include pieces of melon wrapped in prosciutto to add more variety.

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