The Year of the Horse

The Year of the Horse

We are ushering in the Chinese New Year, with the Year of the Horse. Different regions celebrate in different ways, and the holiday is rich with history and tradition that are difficult to consolidate. One of the many traditions calls for a fresh slate: homes are aired out to get rid of any bad luck from the past year, and are decorated in red to usher in good luck and fortune. Traditional foods of Chinese New Year, which include uncut noodles (longevity and health life), dumplings (moon-shaped and wealth), clams (also moon shaped), whole chicken or quail to symbolize family togetherness, whole fish (head to tail symbolizes a good beginning and end of the year), mandarin oranges, lettuce, and more, are eaten at a midnight feast.

May the Year of the Horse bring you longevity, peace, wisdom, riches, and virtue.

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